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Field services

Our network is one of the largest in the world and it’s growing every day. Throw in our global expansion, the constant change that comes with technology, and the odd node that needs repairing and you’ll start to get an idea for the scope of work our field service technicians deal with. Here you’ll join the heroes of the company, the people who keep us connected all year ‘round allowing us to do what we need to do.

Our field services crew are the backbone of Telstra. From installing and maintaining our infrastructure to wiring buildings, installing phone lines and repairing faults – a career here will be challenging, rewarding, and dynamic. From rooftops to manholes, to the bush or the city your office could be anywhere.

You could be out in the field addressing faults in the home or establishing network connections for the very first time. You might lead a team of technicians where you’ll use your management skills to help them deliver a world-class service for our customers.

Our people work in the field under any conditions – anywhere, anytime: fire, flood, cyclone, metropolitan cities or in the bush. And if there’s ever a crisis, it’s all hands on deck. Wherever they are, and whatever the job, they’re doing all they can to make sure our customers are connected.

No matter if you are fixing a faulty cable, connecting a small regional business, or installing PABX systems in a metropolitan building, you know you’ll be working on projects that matter. Our vast network of IT&T professionals creates an environment that’s ideal if you’re flexible, adaptable and always ready to tackle something new.

Within the Telstra Group holding company, we’re creating four new legal subsidiaries one of which you may see when applying for roles, is Amplitel. At Amplitel, we build, manage and share access to Australia's largest wireless infrastructure network.

Our high performing team is focused on growing and maintaining our asset portfolio of over 8,000 physical towers and structures, providing a positive experience for our customers to access our towers, and ensuring that our structures are safe and reliable. Read more about this here.

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