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Operating on a global scale, our corporate teams play a vital part in keeping our organisation thriving. These roles cover administration and support, procurement, finance and legal where you’ll find a wide range of opportunities focused on providing our business and people the advice, facilities and support they need to deliver the best possible service to our customers.


You might join one of Australia’s largest in-house legal counsel teams helping draft and advise business decisions or use your organisational knowledge and quick thinking to support us as a member of our administration and executive support team. In HR, you’ll help us motivate, inspire, and build the future of our workforce meaning our future starts with you. Whereas, in Finance, you could be modelling and forecasting our future amidst a rapidly changing consumer market.


Our people would find it difficult to operate without the right gear, which is where our Procurement teams have the demanding task of continually sourcing and providing the best tools for us to create amazing things.

Our corporate roles are varied but each one helps contribute to ensuring our business runs smoothly for those who work here and our customers alike. Together, our corporate jobs are unique and critically important to the success of Telstra.

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