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A day in the life of a Graduate Electrical Engineer at Telstra

by Bushra Ahmed

Graduate Electrical Engineer

Bushra Ahmed studied a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Sydney and is now a Graduate Electrical Engineer at Telstra. 

7:30 AM

Rise and shine - my alarm goes off. I better start getting ready for the day and have breakfast.

8.30 AM

I catch a bus into the city -  it usually takes me 25 minutes to get to the Telstra office on George Street in the heart of Sydney's central business district.

8.45 AM

That’s around the time I get to the office and find myself a desk for the day.

8:50 AM

I like to start my day at work checking my inbox, replying to emails and having a look at my calendar before I start my tasks for the day.

9.10 AM

It’s coffee time! I go downstairs together with some of my team-mates to grab a cup of coffee before I head to one of my meetings for today.

9.30 AM
Twice a week, I catch up with my manager to discuss my progress and the challenges that have come across my way. That’s an exciting part of the Graduate Program; it’s when I get feedback and get pointed in the right direction.

10:30 AM

In my second rotation, I am part of the Innovations team and work on fascinating cutting-edge technologies like SD-WAN, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Software-Defined Networking and 5G. At the moment, we are developing the network services project for one of the major banks in Australia to help improve customer interaction and provide options to incorporate emerging technologies into branches across the country. I’m so thrilled because this is an incredible space to be in -  it allows me not only to understand these new technologies but also to learn how to implement them.

1:00 PM

We’re so lucky to be in the CBD; there are always new options to explore for lunch. Today, I’m hanging out with other graduates – that’s the perfect opportunity to have a good chat, get to know each other better and share our experiences in the graduate program. It’s also when we make arrangements for our weekly Oztag game, which is a non-contact form of rugby league.

2:00 PM

We host a few meetings throughout the week with our customers along with key stakeholders. These meetings are to brainstorm solutions and address any issues we might be facing while discussing the different concerns or insights the team or the clients might have.

4:00 PM

Time to reply to emails and work on some reports for the network services project before the day ends.

4:45 PM

It’s nearly time to go home, but before I head off, I like to look at my calendar and prepare myself for the next day.

5:00 PM

After a busy day at work, I head straight to the gym. I usually spend one hour in the gym, or I go to a yoga class, it really depends on how I feel that day. Although I did try exercising in the morning before I get to work, it seems harder than I thought.

6:15 PM

Once a month, I am involved in hosting a social event as part of the Telstra Graduate Association, where I am an ambassador.  We have activities like bowling, laser-tag and sometimes we have drinks. 

7:30 PM

I finally get home, can’t wait to eat something and relax by watching Netflix. At the moment, my favourite show is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. On lazy days I can binge-watch entire seasons.

10:00 PM

Bedtime – I’m off to bed and looking forward to another productive day at work tomorrow.

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