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Graduates and Interns

Our talented grads and interns give you a peek into Telstra life and how they are shaping their own careers.
  • Preparing for Post-Grad Life with Telstra’s Summer Vac Program

    Our early careers programs at Telstra (Graduate and Summer Vac) aim to give students and grads a tremendous corporate experience with one of Australia’s largest corporations.

  • Making the transition from graduate to fully-fledged member of the Telstra team

    The Telstra Graduate Program does such a great job of integrating you into the company (and working life) that when the time comes to move into a permanent role here, the transition is practically seamless.

    It’s rewarding to see the benefits of being on the program come to life now that my career is underway. Here’s what it’s been like going from a Telstra graduate to a fully-fledged member of the Telstra team.

  • Eight tips on how you can succeed in your graduate role

    In my opinion, the best way to get the most out of your graduate experience is by moving out of your comfort zone.

    The flexibility and supportive culture at Telstra has enabled me to explore various career options and to learn that I like working in areas that I didn't think I would.

  • Telstra’s diverse, exciting and immersive graduate program sets young career paths on the road to success

    The Telstra Graduate Program is an immersive, 14-month program developed for students who have recently completed university. If you’re accepted into the program, you’ll go through a journey designed to complement your studies and set you up for career success.

    We offer several different pathways with a focus on technical, engineering, corporate and product roles.

  • Nailing the virtual graduate application process at Telstra

    We've had to make quite a few changes to our recruitment processes at Telstra recently as we move to a more virtual application and onboarding experience for our grads.

    It’s not all change, though. The fundamental attributes we look for in our graduates remain the same. Candidates still need to do their research and be prepared. They still need to be their authentic selves and apply for jobs that are right for them, so we can help them develop and thrive with us.

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