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A look at the opportunity and inclusion you’ll experience at Telstra

by Rod Taylor

Program Delivery (Early Careers) - Consultant

As a proud Indigenous LGBTI+ man who has worked across several Telstra teams over the past nine years, I feel lucky to be working in a space I’m genuinely passionate about -diversity and inclusion (D&I).
Why? Because I have such a personal connection to it. I am heavily involved in various D&I initiatives - I sit on our Spectrum council, which is for our LGBTI+ network, and I work across all aspects of Indigenous employment.

Here is a few other ways Telstra is supporting its people. 
We’re focused on diversity
Telstra offers a welcoming and comfortable environment for people at any stage of their career. We actively promote our employee representative groups and encourage everyone to get involved.

Telstra has several employee representative groups, which are all designed to provide a space for underrepresented employees to come together and support each other. These are Dharrang, our Indigenous employees group, Spectrum, for our LGBTI+ employees, Mosaic, for our culturally and linguistically diverse employees, Telstra Jumpstart which is our early careers group, BCW, otherwise known as Brilliantly Connected Women and TelstrAbility for those with a disability.

We want to ensure that people from all backgrounds feel seen, heard and supported at Telstra. None of these groups are exclusive, so we encourage our allies to join and support as well.
Indigenous internship opportunities at Telstra
Telstra partners with an organisation called CareerTrackers, an internship program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university students. I feel fortunate that I have been able to lead this program for the past three years.

It’s a fantastic launch pad for students who want to kick-start their corporate careers. The program provides opportunities for people who might otherwise never have the chance to get their foot in the door with a large organisation.

This program has been so successful, many of our interns have been offered places in our Telstra Graduate Program.
How we support our graduates
All of our grads are supported throughout the Telstra Graduate Program, with guidance from their leader and a dedicated Early Careers team, which specialises in nurturing those who are starting their career with us.  We also have mentors and buddies for our grads, who are on hand to provide ongoing support.

There are also a lot of social activities and initiatives set up to create connections amongst cohorts, which enables them to build additional networks of support for one another. The Early Careers team then continues to support and guide those who roll off the program and into their full-time roles.

Our graduate program is a fantastic career ‘jumpstart’ and by working with CareerTrackers, we are ensuring that Indigenous students are afforded the access they need to an organisation and support structure that will kick their career into gear.
Inclusivity is a mindset, not a gesture
In my experience, there is a very sincere desire at Telstra to make everyone feel welcome, and it’s an ethos that has been embedded in our culture.
Everyone creates a genuinely inclusive environment by giving people opportunities to grow their careers. We provide psychological safety, so everyone has a chance to contribute and feel part of one Telstra team.  

If you’re interested in learning more about Telstra’s focus on diversity and inclusion, head to the Telstra careers website.

If you want more info on the Telstra Summer Vacation Program and are keen to apply, click here.
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