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International Women’s Day: Inclusive work culture helps women thrive

by Serap Potocki

Human Resources-Senior Specialist

I’m passionate about diversity and inclusion, and creating opportunities for our people to do great work, including accommodating diverse needs, working preferences and creating new career paths for both women and men to re-enter the workforce and have fulfilling careers.

To mark International Women’s Day I asked some of my colleagues to share a bit more about the work that they do and their experience at Telstra.
Aaliah Eggins-Bryson, Product Owner Principal – Base Management & Migrations
"My primary accountability is to ensure that we are ‘winning in market’. What this means is that the more customers we can both acquire and retain, the better our customer growth position is. This is also measured relative to our competition.
“I currently lead a Commercial Marketing team, which includes data scientists who provide the customer insight, product marketers who design the customer treatment, marketers who build and execute the customer communications, and channel team members who ensure our frontline teams are fully equipped to respond to change.

“In terms of support, I can easily say Telstra is the most inclusive workplace that I have ever worked in – in every single example I can think of, from flexibility to technology and agile ways of working. Bringing together people with such diverse skills and backgrounds has such a positive impact on productivity and innovation.”
Bettina Marson, UX Design Lead
“My day-to-day working life is quite atypical: no two days are alike. I’m someone who likes a dynamic workday, so this suits me perfectly. As the majority of my work is spent on agile projects at various stages of production, I can be doing anything from creating wireframes and finished UI, gathering insight from users, or even writing research pieces and analyses. Every day gives me the opportunity to flex the creative and analytical sides of my brain simultaneously, which is a wonderful working balance.
“The most exciting part of my role is seeing a product I’ve worked on – from design, user testing to implementation – finally, reach our customers’ hands. Most recently I’ve helped to make work-life easier and more accessible by creating the UX/UI for one of our internal mobile applications: people can see in real-time the availability of spaces on floors, book spaces and meeting rooms, find what floors their colleagues are working on, and generally collaborate in a much easier fashion.

“It’s so fulfilling knowing my work is helping to make our customers’ lives easier and more productive – there is no greater reward as a UX/UI designer!”
Maddie Sumner, Technology Specialist
“I joined the Telstra Graduate Program in 2019, and had many incredible experiences across cloud computing, cybersecurity, Telstra Labs and business services. I have since rolled off from the program into my first team as a Technology Specialist in Cloud Computing, which feels like my experience has come ‘full-circle’.
“One exciting initiative I helped make a reality was the 4th Annual SIT Summit (Security Influence and Trust) hosted by Telstra in 2019. This is an event run by the SIT committee for industry professionals specifically involved in cybersecurity awareness and influence –  encouraging better security practice among colleagues. I supported the lead driver of this event, making sure everything ran smoothly on the day. It was extremely rewarding and fun!

“Now that I have returned to my former team at Telstra, it’s easy to measure the advances made with my knowledge and capabilities since joining the organisation. The kickstart to my career has also been boosted thanks to the amazing network of graduates we have here at Telstra. I’ve been able to take on more responsibility and benefit from my network – and I can’t stress enough how grateful I am to have formed these relationships, especially during a global crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.”
Victoria Muscat, Talent Acquisition Partner
“I recruit for the Consumer and Small Business space, which primarily involves the recruitment of all roles in our retail stores for Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia, along with contact centres in these states.
“At the moment I’m working on a project with my team about creating new processes to make things easier for the whole function. I’m also working on a wellness blog that is shared across the function about certain topics that are relevant to a lot of change that we are going through right now.
“All of this is possible due to the support I receive at Telstra. I have regular one-on-one mentoring chats with my leader to discuss key areas I want to pursue, and there’s always an opportunity to use initiative and do things differently.” 
Ankita Suryavanshi, Business Operations Analyst
“I am currently working on managing the product and technology component of our T22 corporate strategy. I’m also increasing innovation in my work by making use of the techniques I learnt at Human Centered Design training (HCD).
“My leader encouraged me to apply for and complete the HCD training – she has always been really supportive when it comes to my development.”

Mary Wright, Global Strategic Sourcing – Talent Acquisition Specialist
“I work within our Strategic Sourcing team, which specialises in hard-to-fill roles. What that means is my team steps in when we are required to proactively engage with candidates outside of Telstra across roles that are difficult to recruit for. Our approach varies from role to role as we often have specific industries or even companies in mind.

“Telstra genuinely encourages workplace diversity and we champion our leaders  to create a gender balanced workplace. That means growth opportunities are endless, particularly as we continue to expand within the technology space.”
You can find out more about the work Telstra’s doing and the company’s commitment to gender equality here.
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