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Aaliah Eggins Bryson
Head of Product - Belong
I’ve been at Telstra for a number of years now, I started as a Product Manager and I’m currently the Head of Product & Marketing at Belong. In my time at Telstra, I’ve had the opportunity to grow and develop my career and now landed my dream role, whilst working with some truly outstanding people. Outside of work, I collect/hoard houseplants, love my 2 dogs and love to ski.

  • My first month at Telstra: life as a graduate in Singapore

    It’s been nearly a month since I joined Telstra, and in this short time I’ve already been plunged headfirst into life at the company.

    A graduate experience is something you can almost never go through again, so I thought I’d document my first taste of working life, and what the COVID-19 pandemic has meant for my career.

  • Going agile: why it’s helped my team to grow

    For my commercial marketing team here at Telstra, agile working has become an incredibly important part of our daily working lives.
    Agility has improved our workflow, increased the quality of our output and enabled us to better understand and deliver on our customers’ needs.

  • How I foster team connection as a leader in the digital age

    As more of us work from home, or even just in different locations from our co-workers, leaders need to continuously evolve and lead in a different way.
    Although we have amazing virtual connectivity tools available to us here at Telstra, as a leader I’ve learned that it requires a truly conscious effort on my part to ensure that my remote teams remain engaged.

  • My experience as a Software Engineer grad in Singapore

    I started my exciting journey as a software engineering graduate just over 4 months ago and I’m currently working in Telstra International’s High-Performance Software Engineering (HPSE) team in Singapore. The Program has helped me to work in an area I love – technology.


  • Three behaviours all great leaders possess

    In my time at Telstra, I have worked closely with several leaders who have had an enormous influence on the company culture. They’ve made complex things simple to understand and helped me find my courage by showing that they care.

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