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  • 6 ways to build a personal connection when looking for a job (face-to-face and digitally)

    Landing a job interview is one thing, but when it comes to getting the job, it’s all about your ability to build a personal connection with the person interviewing you.

    Whether you’re impressing a potential employer from home via a video or phone interview or in person, the principles of forging personal connections are largely the same.

  • What I have learnt from working remotely - my top tips to help you

    Working as a Telstra graduate has been a little different recently, with most office-based teams working remotely because of COVID-19.
    My team has always worked partially from home thanks to Telstra’s All Roles Flex policy, which means that for me personally, the transition hasn’t been too hard in terms of the work itself. However, I’ve found it difficult to get used to the absence of people around me each day and I really miss seeing my colleagues and fellow graduates regularly.

  • Three tips to make your tech resume stand out

    We all know people with stellar achievements and experience who still struggle to sell themselves on paper. Resume writing is an art, and a tricky one to master.

    Rather than outlining a basic set of resume writing principles, I’m sharing an inside look into what I, and many other tech recruiters, keep an eye out for when looking at resumes and CVs.


  • My advice for female techies looking to grow their career

    In recent decades, women in the tech industry have made great strides in overcoming biases in the workplace and in hiring practices.
    Like many industries today, the tech sector is providing more and more opportunities for women to build their own careers. My own journey at Telstra is a testament to that.

  • 5 tips to help you stay active while working from home

    We have all had to adapt to significant change since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Probably the biggest thing I have noticed is that it’s easy to be less active while working from home.

    So, within the first week I implemented some changes to my daily home-work routine. I thought I would share five things that we have done, which will hopefully help you to stay active.

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