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  • How I'm staying connected while working from home

    We were already well prepared when we made the move to working from home back in March, thanks to Telstra’s All Roles Flex policy and the support from our leaders.

    A few days before the lockdown stages began, our team conducted a test run of working from home, which enabled us to really live the experience and ensure we were set up for success.

  • Three tips to make your tech resume stand out

    We all know people with stellar achievements and experience who still struggle to sell themselves on paper. Resume writing is an art, and a tricky one to master.

    Rather than outlining a basic set of resume writing principles, I’m sharing an inside look into what I, and many other tech recruiters, keep an eye out for when looking at resumes and CVs.


  • An insight into working in Telstra's virtual team environment

    As someone who has recently joined a new team at Telstra, taking the leap from working in the office to being part of a virtual team has required some adaptation.

  • My advice for female techies looking to grow their career

    In recent decades, women in the tech industry have made great strides in overcoming biases in the workplace and in hiring practices.
    Like many industries today, the tech sector is providing more and more opportunities for women to build their own careers. My own journey at Telstra is a testament to that.

  • My graduate journey so far

    As a Telstra Graduate Ambassador, I add value to the overall graduate experience by bringing together grads from different business functions and backgrounds.

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